Nuclear the entire Continent of America and Mainland China You own super powerful weapon, no matter you are U.K. France US Military Israel Iran NKorea Taiwan Mainland China Pakistan India, you need do your duty to nuclear entire Continent of America and Mainland China. I doubt Russia can have the ability to 九份民宿 use nuclear, because if they can, they should use it immediately when the USSR pieces away gone with wind to make USA gone before USSR die.Do not fooled by the appearance showing in front of your eyes, the miserabl 清境e like in Mainland China and the Continent of America are too deep too dark to have voice. I am the only one dare call you to do the kill, because I am the only one can get the message from the ghost world, God loves every one of us equally, therefore, God doe 汽車美容s not talk to anyone particularly, not mention extreme righteous Satan, only ghost has the right to talk to anyone particularly, because ghost is from human form, therefore, they can choose anyone compitable to their individual mind to send message from the ghost world, t 洗車hat how come Chinese has had so many ghost stories. You have to be brave coward in order to have coward ghost to give you message, I was coward, that how I was too fear to sleep during most of my single life time before, until I really know our True God, then I become brave coward, theref 鍍膜ore, those coward ghost can have the way to send message to me. In the ghost world, only coward ghost is good better best compitable, the rest of the ghost all Chinese called "Ugly.Gray" that died too miserable to be able to go to peaceful hells. That how come you own nuclear weapon, you need to do your duty 翻譯社 to nuclear the entire Mainland China and the entire Continent of America, because the ghost world already full of "Ugly.Gray", there's no way to load any more "Ugly.Gray" died miserable out of dark side underground chained slavery terrors darkly force inside darkly deeply locked heartlessly cage. If you dare own nuclear weapon, 婚禮顧問 yet darelessly to use it now, you must have to pay your miserable die to satisfy extreme righteous Satan hate, because extreme righteous Satan can have mean and way to make you all died too miserable to have right to cry out, therefore, your miserable died cannot like those who died miserable on human formed hands to get the right to stay in 土地買賣 the between to become "Ugly.Ghost"; so that to save the ghost world from over loaded. Yes, you can send that real Angus Tung come to see me (Because it is the only way that you can be spared out of his dragon down. You have no way to caught his "Chain.Ben.Won.What" except to jailed him in my side, because only I can have the good will and strength to respect his decent rig 新成屋ht, only I can have the good will and strengh to stand firm not to bend to his lie. And after he sees me die, he will lose his heart to play any lie any more.) , no matter by force or by volunteer. I am his personal little teacher free of charge the entire my life. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 辦公室出租  .

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